I was perusing the sights and sounds and wonders of kidology.org when what to my wandering eye should appear but a link to my blog. Look… see: Wow maybe someone might even read my blog!!! Of course I’ll never be at the pastorkarl.com level… 🙂Read More →

I attended a CMA (Christian and Missionary Alliance) Workshop on Saturday. I sat in on 2 presentations by Dick Crider who represents Discipleland and is goes all over the US speaking at Children’s Ministry Conferences and Seminars. He talked about preteens in a class called “Catch them at the back door” then talked about Connecting the Church with Home. He was pretty straightforward about the crises in our churches in regards to young people leaving the church. He mentioned a book be Josh McDowell (The Last Christian Generation Book). He also mentioned that he is a Dad again at 60 to a 6, 3 andRead More →

This is just some notes to the 7 things that give us balance – which was a podcast from Craig Jutila: Podcast #1Margin – don’t want to give out of our depletion.Savings account – build up a reserve (margin)7 things that give us balance 1. Read God’s word daily2. Look for accountability3. Reduce expectations of yourself and others4. Practice being good enough5. Invest your time6. Plan Free Time7. Underbook your calanderRead More →

The following is kind of a debriefing…. it’s not about me.. it’s mini-testimony of the work of the Holy Spirit in me: So Last Wednesday night the Faithweaver Friends topic was John 3:16 – How God Saves You. We have on average 30-40 kids on Wednesday nights with around 15 or 20 being unchurched kids. I’ve felt the last couple of weeks that God’s been drawing me deeper. With this lesson in view, I felt this was a time to give these kids an oppurtunity to step out and say they wanted Jesus as their saviour. We’ve talked and talked to them about how JesusRead More →

While perusing the TACF.org website, I found a conference from February 2005 called “Raised Up and Set Apart”. The conference speaker is a lady named Becky Fischer. Wowsers! here are the titles: Kids are Hungry for the SupernaturalWhat to Teach Children and WhyChildren and the Holy SpiritA New Twist on the HarvestThe Joshua Factor I am just finishing up the 1st one… and I am getting charged up from it.Read More →

My wife and I have been helping with the mid-week Faithweaver Friends time since September. Since school started in September, we have seen an influx of unchurched kids. We’re talking 50% to 75% of the kids on Wednesday nights are unchurched kids. We have been so blessed at how true and sincere they answer questions. Where the church kids expect whats coming and can answer questions with the “correct” answer, while the unchurch kids give answers… from the heart. Mollie was leading one of the rotation centers and the 4 grade girls (makes up most of the newbies) were talking about how Jesus sure wasRead More →

From Integrity Music website 9/4/2004: Kickin’ it up a notch in Kids Worship!Lest you get too comfortable with the zone you’re currently in, I say, let’s shake it up and get ready to move forward in Kids Worship! It is our tendency to find something that we feel works for us and make our theme song, “I shall not be, I shall not be moved”! So, if you’re ready to dive in a little deeper, read on… Planning & Vision: A New ThemeIf you haven’t done so already, get into the Word and into God’s presence. Ask Him to show you where your kids areRead More →

I’m starting a new blog on Children’s Ministry. My wife and I have been volunteering in Children’s Ministry for 9 or 10 years now. We started out doing a sunday school type format with elementary age kids. Later our church changed formats and we worked with preschoolers (4 and 5 year olds). After a while of that, we moved on to working children’s church with the children’s pastor. Now we’ve moved churches, and are waiting on God to see how we can get involved. And so it begins!Read More →