The flesh is weak, but the Spirit is willing

The following is kind of a debriefing…. it’s not about me.. it’s mini-testimony of the work of the Holy Spirit in me:

So Last Wednesday night the Faithweaver Friends topic was John 3:16 – How God Saves You. We have on average 30-40 kids on Wednesday nights with around 15 or 20 being unchurched kids. I’ve felt the last couple of weeks that God’s been drawing me deeper. With this lesson in view, I felt this was a time to give these kids an oppurtunity to step out and say they wanted Jesus as their saviour. We’ve talked and talked to them about how Jesus came to save them but never gave them an “alter call” situation. So this was the night. Because of something taking up our normal meeting space in the main sanctuary we set up in the next biggest room. So we get all the kids in the room, we do a praise song, and I talk about John 3:16…. As I am going along I am telling about sin and how it makes us dirty, and some other stuff… and it’s pretty good. I don’t know exactly where God’s taking it… but I am hoping in Him that these gets will get it. As I start up a slow worship song (“Night Song” by Hillsong Kids) I tell the kids that God wants to speak to them… I start to worship… let God speak to the kids…. My wife nudges me, kinda saying “OK now, do it… bring them the part about Jesus’s salvation”… so I turn the music down…. And start to talk more about the Salvation that Jesus brings… and it seems half the kids are snickering and laughing… and BAM! God Spirit hits me. All I remember is this feeling of “It’s not funny!!! This is life and death!!!” and telling one of the snickerers that if he were to run out in front of a car, I’d be yelling – “NO!!! Don’t do it!!! you’re going to get hurt!!!” The whole time, my eyes were closed… Like I say, I don’t remember everything, but I do know there was an alter call… a time for boys and girls to acknowledge that they in fact were ready to accept Jesus. Then I led them everyone in the “repeat after me prayer”.

I asked Mollie (my wifey) about what she saw and she said there were a number of kids that raised there hands… and for that I praise God!! and pray that this only be the beginning of His Spirit breaking through in my life/ministry and His Church!

Ta Ta for now!

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