The Candidness of Unchurched kids

My wife and I have been helping with the mid-week Faithweaver Friends time since September. Since school started in September, we have seen an influx of unchurched kids. We’re talking 50% to 75% of the kids on Wednesday nights are unchurched kids. We have been so blessed at how true and sincere they answer questions. Where the church kids expect whats coming and can answer questions with the “correct” answer, while the unchurch kids give answers… from the heart. Mollie was leading one of the rotation centers and the 4 grade girls (makes up most of the newbies) were talking about how Jesus sure was great! That He had done great things! That they really loved Him. That’s the meat that drives us. It makes me inspect myself. Do I come to church or to God with just the “correct” answers or the answers from my heart?

I have a couple of past blog posts, from March of 2005. That was before blogs were cool! I will be trying to blog once a day or so.

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