Wow it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged! So what’s new in my life since April when I last blogged? I’ll try it in bullet points. Baby Dana has grown to 8 months old. Dana had RSV in the summertime. Dr said “Hmm I’ve never seen RSV in the Summer.” Took family vacation to Disney World at the end of July/Beginning of August. Disney World was just OK We have lots of luv for Disney’s Vero Beach – lot’s less to do there Work has taken a lot of my time beginning in August. We redefined Wednesday night kid’s ministry – we were usingRead More →

This weekend I started reading a book by storyteller steven james. The introduction does a wonderful job of drawing the reader into 3 different mini stories that end up all coming together. I’ll have more in my next post. (which should be soon).Read More →

My last post was put up with a program called Flock.  basically it’s firefox only changed a little bit…..  it allows you to quickly post to the blog of your choice.    It also has a “Blog This” on the right click menu inside the browser window so you can quickblog someone else’s information.   All in all, I like it! Blogged with FlockRead More →

So back in the late summer to early fall when the Trailer for “Jesus Camp” got put onto youtube. within hours there were THOUSANDS of outraged people saying how scary this “movie” is. Commentaries about a movie that was gleaned from a 2 minute trailer that wasn’t even created/edited by the films directors…. So, if you watch a clip on youtube or… maybe even a movie trailer… should you comment on the whole movie from the clip? sure it’s another one of those “you just use common sense” type scenarios…. but what about the thousands of responses to Jesus Camp? Blogged with FlockRead More →

So this idea has been cooking in my brain for a while. I’ve dedicated those brain cells that never were burned up by smoking, drinking and taking drugs to the question of validity of truth on the internet. So here’s the question/issue. In the years leading up to blogs and podcasts, we as a society got information from reference books and news outlets such as newspapers, radio and TV. We assumed that the maority of the information given by these outlets was true information, and most of the info was pretty close to truth. With the boom of the internet, with blogs and podcasts andRead More →

So back in June our church had the roof replaced.  Part of that was putting new insulation in under the roof. They used some new type of insulation that is sprayed in between the roof and the ceiling.  Only one problem.  With our installation there was a “feature”…   With the spraying came the smell of dead fish.  fast forward to almost six months later (now).  The insulation maker is plunking down the money to replace the ceiling and anything else that may get damaged in the removal of the insulation (and smell).  Wow, huh!!!   What does any of this have to do with Children’s MinistryRead More →

So I get the Elijah List and was searching through it for references to children and found this one….. Wow!!!! October 21, 2006 – Huntsville, Texas The Spirit of God says, do not listen to some of the voices in this Nation. For God says many are saying, doom and destruction. Many are saying, it will not happen. God says, I have declared that this Nation has stood before Me many many times. I have not forgotten the prayers of your forefathers. I have not forgotten or looked away from the blood of the men that have laid down their lives for righteousness sake. NeitherRead More →