Long Time No Blog – Off Topic of Kids Ministry

Wow it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged! So what’s new in my life since April when I last blogged? I’ll try it in bullet points.

  1. Baby Dana has grown to 8 months old.
    1. Dana had RSV in the summertime. Dr said “Hmm I’ve never seen RSV in the Summer.”
  2. Took family vacation to Disney World at the end of July/Beginning of August.
    1. Disney World was just OK
    2. We have lots of luv for Disney’s Vero Beach – lot’s less to do there
  3. Work has taken a lot of my time beginning in August.
  4. We redefined Wednesday night kid’s ministry – we were using Faithweaver Friends – now we use the keys of kids devotional as a “mini-lesson” and then we do something special – make your own cookie, myo sundays, talk to a missionary. It’s been different. with FWF, we had so many adults required for so few kids (like 8 adults for 20 kids) that it made it difficult to recruit and keep workers and if workers didn’t show, it caused some pain.
  5. The Coudersport Sheetz now has deep fryers and a specialty drink machine, so we got ourselves a real life Redneck Starbucks!

That’s all I have for now!

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