The Ceiling is coming down

So back in June our church had the roof replaced.  Part of that was putting new insulation in under the roof. They used some new type of insulation that is sprayed in between the roof and the ceiling.  Only one problem.  With our installation there was a “feature”…   With the spraying came the smell of dead fish.  fast forward to almost six months later (now).  The insulation maker is plunking down the money to replace the ceiling and anything else that may get damaged in the removal of the insulation (and smell).  Wow, huh!!!  

What does any of this have to do with Children’s Ministry you may ask?  Well now, I get to work with the new Pastor at our church (Hi PB!) (He preached 1 week in the main sanctuary before construction starts.. – Haa!) to figure out the symantics of the next couple months worth of Sundays.  We have a multi-purpose foyer that “should” be big enough to fit all of the people on a Sunday, but it could get tight. 

So my thought is have kids dropped off directly to Children’s Church.  Honestly, I’ve wanted to do this at the church from when Mollie (wife) and I started leading kids church.  I just haven’t wanted to stir to many places with to much vigor. 

One last observation from the Sunday.  Superhero is now officially my kids’ most requested song.  All I have to do is move towards the DVD player and they are squealing “Super hero! Super hero!!”.  They have even gotten to love that loveable aussie accent “baaabie”.  Their only question is… who the heck is the bearded guy in the boat?  🙂

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  1. Wow – you’ll be glad to get rid of that fish smell!

    Superhero is a great song for sure. But is there any other way to say “baaabie”?? 🙂 The Super Strong God CD from Hillsong is also great. I can’t wait to see their 3rd one Supernatural!

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