Things are a changing

Well, since I posted last October (2016) we were given notice by Charter that my sever date is the end of 2017.  We could move to Denver, but in our situation, the Bradfordz have decided we don’t want to move away from family.  So over the past few months leading up to December, I’ve reached out to old contacts, made new contacts, and slowly started working to find something I could work from home, or stay on the east coast at least.

It was a new connection that I made on that actually bore some fruit.  So over the last month I’ve been in the interview process with Atlantic Broadband.  They are a cable company much like Adelphia was in it’s hey day. A small but growing company that is preparing to do much of what I’ve done in my past.  So I’ve gotten a very good vibe about the company from each person I interviewed.

So a new adventure starts the beginning of the year.  The Bradfordz clan plan to stay on Bradford hill until Lily graduates in June. I’ll head down and work there and come home on the weekends.  So Coudersport will still see me, just not as much.   The process of starting to remove myself from things I’m part of up has started. It’s tough letting go of things I’ve invested in so much, but in each situation it’s being handed over to very capable people that can continue on.

Mollie and I have felt God’s hand in the process, especially the interviews.   We pray He’ll lead lead us to the right place down there.  I’ll have time to hopefully connect with some people down there and figure how where He’s leading.

So for now, we’ll see where the road leads.  Over the next few months I’ll have to say goodbye to some of my work friends that I’ve invested countless hours of blood, sweat, tears and late nights into early mornings with.  And meeting new “work friends” hopefully.


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