I might step on toes with this, but I was worshiping in my church on Sunday and was wondering what kids think when a hymn comes along and the words include fetter and thee, thou and thine.   So I think I am going to try to translate a hymn… see where things lead.   The song was “Come Thou Fount”.   BTW – initially I had “Come Now Fount”  so that shows my point exactly…. I can’t even remember the title because… to me…  it I can’t understand the lyrics/title, I’m not going to remember it. So as Brad Stein says,  “Put yer helmet on!”Read More →

As we were moving last week, I found a CD from our past (The Bradford Archive).   I picked up Young Warriors “It’s Our Turn Now” years ago and loved the “Throw Up Song”.  So I decided to spin the 1st two songs in children’s church last week.  It was like the song was new all over again.  Our group of 13 kids were dancing and grooving to these songs long ago lost at our house.   You should check this CD out….. it’s a lot of fun.Read More →

Long time no post. Well this post is to share with you a very funny dude.   His name is Tim Hawkins.  He has many funny (wierd-Al) like songs.  Here’s a youtube clip of a kids rock commercial:Read More →

I found this podcast/blog this morning.  http://www.mic.mypodcast.com/  which is a number of podcasts about various issues relating to autism. most interesting to me was the podcast called:Autism on the Homefront: Parenting Autistics The casters mention research pointing to research that is uncovering that autism has genetic links.  So things like Chelation Therapy (which is to try to remove heavy metals from the body) probably aren’t going to be to affective if autism spectrum disorders aren’t caused by environmental issues.Read More →

Here’s an interesting story of a 13 year old autistic boy who was banned (even to the point of a restraining order) from church. That led me to another find Autism and Faith: A Journey into Community which I would love to get a look at. Looking at my church, I wonder what would happen if a boy like Adam Race and his parents showed up to worship. I would hope that the reaction wouldn’t be the same. But does my (or your) church have a plan for providing for the needs of a boy like Adam? Would it be inclusive or would you provideRead More →

I have tons more inbound blogging than outbound. I have like 100 feeds I check for updates everyday, but I post (or even comment) maybe once a month. hey we’re half way through 200-8… time to start new… (8= new beginnings right?) I will try to blog at least once a week and see where things go.Read More →

Cultivating a Cutting-Edge Children’s Church From: childrensministry, 1 day ago | View | Upload your own Pre-conference workshop by Dick Gruber and Jason Rhode entitled, Cultivating a Cutting-Edge Children’s Church offered live at the 2008 National Children’s Ministries Leadership Conference. For more details regarding this workshop and for links to additional resource materials and the slides referenced during the sessions, visit www.cmuo.com/workshops/kidschurch SlideShare LinkRead More →

Wow it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged! So what’s new in my life since April when I last blogged? I’ll try it in bullet points. Baby Dana has grown to 8 months old. Dana had RSV in the summertime. Dr said “Hmm I’ve never seen RSV in the Summer.” Took family vacation to Disney World at the end of July/Beginning of August. Disney World was just OK We have lots of luv for Disney’s Vero Beach – lot’s less to do there Work has taken a lot of my time beginning in August. We redefined Wednesday night kid’s ministry – we were usingRead More →